This summer, I have been visiting mountains.                                                                                                                       The Dolomites, Italy.  I had the best time e v e r.

Holland und co 1680Foto 1

Being lucky to have friends over there, they showed me around, chased me up the mountains to survive the heat wave of midday, took me sightseeing to towns nearby, and gave me the loveliest of food. No really, Italian food is the best.
image (2)image (1)image (4)

I was most suprised by the medieval town of Spilimbergo and was lucky to visit the medieval festival there.

And of course, I had to go to…….Venice. A dream come true.

Holland und co 2282 image (3)

I always have wanted to go to Venice; the city seemed to have something really special, like visiting a whole new world. At least I thought that. And it got proved. I think
Venice is a beautiful city; it is so different to get everywhere by Vaporetto or by foot. I loved the little lanes with all sorts of shops and the bridges which are built with such details. But honestly, in august it’s too packed there, better to go in March or November.

C U x


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